Writing Bio

Peggy Walton-Walker was first attracted to words when her mother sang hymns and recited Mother Goose Rhymes while she was still in the womb. She wrote her first poem in the third grade as an assignment to create a Mother’s Day card and her first song was written also as a gift to her mother. Being nocturnal, Peggy avoided going to sleep at night by scaring her little sister with improvised ghost stories.

Peggy was inspired to write down her stories and create screenplays with her late husband, Keith A. Walker, with whom she shared a love of literature, poetry, theatre and movies from the day they met as actors at Columbia Studios throughout their seven year courtship and twenty-one year marriage until his death.

Peggy worked with Keith first as his muse and editor later becoming his committed writing partner on film scripts such as the Warner Brother’s hit, Free Willy.

She co-created not only the original story and screenplay for Free Willy with Keith, but they also collaborated with Henry Winkler on Snow Bound for Disney and with Don Johnson on The Last Cartoon=2 0for NBC.

After moving from Los Angeles to Nashville to care for Peggy’s aging parents, they received a grant from the Idea Institute of Brentwood, TN to create other family films.

Completed Screenplays:

Sweet Tea - a swashbuckling romantic comedy adventure about small town fry cook, Theo, who works in his Grandma’s country cafe, Cajun Mama’s. Theo falls in love with a Middle Eastern princess when she and her entourage visit his rural restaurant on a state department tour. His life is changed when he overhears a plot by the evil Sheik Rafiq - the Princess’ i ntended husband – and follows her to London to warn her. He ends up saving not only the Princess and her country of Zafara but also the English royal family.

Summer Dreams and Naked Ladies - a coming-of-age mystery about two pre-teen boys who witness what appears to be a murder and think they may be prime suspects. A father-son relationship dealing with the vagaries of life, death, and sexuality supposes a David Lynch style family thriller.

The Big Balloon (A contemporary Miracle on 34th Street) is about a country boy with an artistic soul wanting to get his balloon design in The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. A group of struggling New York actors, writers and artists learn that only when they team up, supporting one of their own, can they accomplish the impossible.

Amazing Promise - an old fashioned Frank Capra style romantic comedy. Successful big city advertising executive, Thomas Rexford, is brought to his knees when he inherits his uncle’s farm and finds that the deal comes with four foster kids and a lame racehorse. He falls in love with the social worker and learns the true value of life, love and horseracing.

Scripts in development:

Granny Rocks could be Driving Miss Daisy except this Granny really can drive. Lydia’s husband dies from Alzheimer’s disease a nd she is experiencing relief along with her grief. Her 15 year-old rock and roll grandson, Coby, comes to help Gramma out on the farm since he’s not getting along with his mother, Lydia’s conservative opinionated daughter, Rhonda.

Much to Rhonda’s chagrin, Grandma Lydia encourages Coby’s band - wiring her barn for great sound and driving the kids to their gigs in her cherry ’57 Chevy convertible. She is arrested for drag racing with some high school goons who have been harassing her grandson. Coby’s mother hates that her son is pursuing a rock and roll career, prompted by her own mother, and that the previously prim Lydia, is starting to go over the edge dressing like the band wearing cut-off jeans and her cap on backwards.

Rhonda arranges to have her mother committed to a home when Lydia falls=2 0and gets a compression fracture of the spine. After a short rehabilitation, Coby and his buddies have to bust Lydia out of the home so she can compete in the final drag race with the town bully. A contemporary senior citizen’s Rebel Without a Cause.

Sigma Die: A high concept horror story in the vein of Steven King’s Carrie. It is a shocking electrical thriller featuring a spiritual female monster.


Freddy FGB – The first in a series of children’s books involving a family of mystical bears.

Keith/Keiko - The Miracle of Free Willy is a memoir of my love story with Keith Walker from our first meeting through learning to write together, tending to aging parents, accomplishing goals and finally separation by death. It ends with my trip to Iceland setting Keiko the whale free in the waters where he was captured twenty-two years before. It also briefly explores the question of whether forcing the whale back to his natural habitat was a good choice considering his struggle during his seven years of freedom preceding his death.